A MathML browser for Arabic mathematical presentation

Dadzilla allows using MathML for Arabic mathematical presentation. In this presentation, Arabic mathematical expressions use specific symbols and spread out from right to left.


Dadzilla is an adapted version of Mozilla.

Dadzilla 1.1 is based on: (Mozilla 1.5.1 Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.5.1) Gecko/20031207) for Linux.

To download Dadzilla 1.1: click     Zip

The Dadzilla 1.2 is based on: (Mozilla 1.6b Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.6b) Gecko/20060228) for Microsoft Windows.

In this version of Dadzilla, already existing MathML elements can be used for both Latin and Arabic mathematical presentations after specifying the environment by a single attribute. The problems met in the previous version are solved. In particular, the choice of fonts in order to have the two mathematical presentations (Latin and Arabic) in the same document is resolved. The use of the element <rl> introduced for the specification of RTL direction is not necessary anymore. However, the specification of the attribute dir="rtl"in <math> element is needed.

The mathmled mathematical expression editor has been integrated after its adaptation for Arabic mathematical presentation.

In the future version of Dadzilla, some improvements should be made. In particular, using stretched Arabic alphabetical symbols, like sum and product.
Some localization improvements can also be projected for mathmled and Dadzilla.
The text that appears in dialog boxes, menu, toolbars and button labels can be translated to Arabic.

To correctly display MathML documents in Arabic presentation, some fonts must be installed:
- acmsy10: Mirrored BaKoMa Computer Modern font cmsy10.
- acmex10: Mirrored BaKoMa Computer Modern font cmex10.
- aramzarab: adapted Arabic mathematical symbols font RamzArab for Dadzilla.

These fonts can be downloaded from: here

In Mozilla, to obtain good MathML Latin Presentation rendering appropriate fonts, such as those in the BaKoMa Font Collection, are necessary.

The BaKoMa Computer Modern fonts could be used and downloaded from: here

The mathmled is a MathML Editor for Mozilla from Steve Swanson at MacKichan Software, Inc.

mathmled is implemented in JavaScript and XUL which runs in Mozilla 1.2 and later versions.

The mathmled 0.4.5 has been adapted to work with Dadzilla for editing Arabic Mathematical expressions.

mathmled can be used trough the button Math in the standard toolbar:

button Math

or in the Tools menu in Web development:

Tools menu

mathmled can be called whenever the user wants to insert a mathematical expression in HTML or XHTML documents. HTML or XHTML documents can be created using Mozilla Composer or any other editor.

To download Dadzilla 1.2: click     Zip

The Dadzilla 1.3 is based on Dadzilla 1.2 with an Arabic interface.

To download Dadzilla 1.3: click     RAR

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Contributors: Mustapha Eddahibi and Azzeddine Lazrek.

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Roger B. Sidje, G. Sergiu Gabriel Paul Dumitriu,
David Carlisle, Max Froumentin, Paul Libbrecht, Bruce R. Miller, Robert Miner and the others members of the W3C Math Interest Group,
Mostafa Banouni, Mohamed Jamel Eddine Benatia, Mohamed Elyaakoubi, Khalid Sami.

Copyright © 2004-2010 Azzeddine LAZREK All rights reserved. RydArab

- mathmled is copyright © 2003 Steve Swanson at MacKichan Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

- BaKoMa Computer Modern fonts are copyright © 1994, Basil K. Malyshev. All Rights Reserved. 012BaKoMa Fonts Collection, Level-B

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