Multilingual scientific E-document processing

The object of this site is to present some tools for the studying, designing and developing processing systems for Arabic scientific document.

As far as we know and up till now, these tools, without being universal, constitute the first attempt for implementing a processing system for Arabic mathematical document containing Arabic symbolic formulas composed with specific symbols in a writing running from right to left according to the Arabic writing. This way of writing equations corresponds to the standards and conventions adopted. The majority of the textbooks of mathematics in use in Middle East, in Libya, in Algeria, ... are typeset according to this way of putting mathematics into type. Before the adoption of the French mathematical notation, Moroccan handbooks used to respect this way of typesetting symbols. Up till now, those symbols are written by hand or, at best, with a typewriter. They are printed then directly with the tools of traditional printing works without assistance of the computer. The uses of computers never out go processing the literal part of the document.