Proposals symbols for Unicode Consortium

During the development of the Multilingual scientific E-document processing Project, some characters have been proposed for encoding in the Unicode Standard.
Only the most up-to-date versions are posted below. Each proposal has a Summary Form submitted to Unicode Consortium and a Documment containing: presentation, list of characters and examples of use for each one.


- Arabic Mathematical Alphabetic Symbols: Summary Form and Document

- Mathematical Symbols: Document

- Diverse Arabic Mathematical Symbols: Summary Form and Document

- Other symbols: Document

- Star Morocco flag: Document

- Rumi Numeral System Symbols : Summary Form, Document and References


- RamzArab:
+ Font in OpenType format: ramzarab.ttf
+ Package for LaTeX:
+ Table of characters: tabramzarab.pdf

- RamzArabExt:
+ Font in OpenType format: ramzarabext.ttf
+ Package for LaTeX:
+ Table of characters: tabramzarab.pdf

- Arrows:
+ Font in OpenType format: arrows.ttf
+ Package for LaTeX:
+ Table of characters: tabarrows.pdf

- Rumi:
+ Font in OpenType format: rumi.ttf
+ Package for LaTeX:
+ Table of characters: tabrumi.pdf

- AntiSym:
+ Package for LaTeX:
+ Table of characters: tabantisym.pdf

- Samples:
+ Some problems in handbooks:
+ Arabic mathematical handbooks samples:
+ Arabic mathematical symbols adopts in The Amman's 1987 convention:
+ Arabic mathematical old manuscrits samples:
+ Documents samples composed with RyDArab for LaTeX: echantp.pdf
+ Example of mathematical expression composed with RyDArab:

English model French model
English model
French model

Moroccan model
Moroccan model
Western Arabic model Eastern Arabic model
Western Arabic model
Eastern Arabic model


- Azzeddine Lazrek, Mustapha Eddahibi, Khalid Sami, Bruce R. Miller, Arabic mathematical notation
W3C Math Interest Group Note, 31 January 2006

- Mohamed Jamal Eddine Benatia, Azzeddine Lazrek and Khalid Sami, Arabic mathematical symbols in Unicode
Internationalization and Unicode Conference (IUC), IUC 27, Berlin, Germany, April 6-8, 2005

- Conventions, Manuscrits and Handbooks: bibliocoh.htm - samples.pdf

- Some posting about “MathML in Arabic” are presented on the W3C public mailing list for MathML in:

Deborah Anderson, Patrick Andries, Asmus Freytag, Murray Sargent, François Yergeau,
Fayez Alhargan, Miikka-Markus Alhonen,
Mostafa Banouni, Mohamed Jamel Eddine Benatia, Mustapha Eddahibi, Mohamed Elyaakoubi, Khalid Sami.


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