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Keynotes Speakers

Title: Do you talk semantic interoperability


Title: D Collaborative Knowledge Management and Data Discovery: Applications, Challenges and Opportunities




Professor Aris Ouksel

University of Illinois at Chicago




Recent advances in miniaturization of computing devices, communications and digital storage technologies, along with the novel data-acquisition discoveries, have enabled gathering and storing of unprecedented amounts of heterogeneous data. This, in turn, provided foundations for large-scale knowledge discovery and information fusion undertakings addressing issues ranging from service-oriented distributed data mining in distributed infrastructure-based environments, to mining in P2P and sensor networks. To optimize the utilization of the available devices, from their deployment up to the continuous control and collaborative gathering of important data, diverse issues need to be addressed in a collaborative manner, spanning through networking, mobility control, information fusion, signal processing, along with indexing/retrieval, query processing and data mining. One of the main categories of problems stems from the heterogeneity of the devices and the semantics of the different applications that may pose concurrent pending requests. As an example, indexing structures in wireless sensor networks are expected to emerge from the interactions of sensors and be adaptive to topology changes due to sensors being online/offline or by sensor mobility. However, detection of particular event and its matching with a rule in the knowledge base may require a completely “un-natural” re-organization of the structures used and the operating regime of the devices employed. This talk will examine several real scenarios where collaboration is an essential characteristic, discuss the main challenges that must be addressed, and finally present some promising approaches to some of the issues as addressed in our current NSF-sponsored projects.


Short CV


Bio: Aris M. Ouksel is currently professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and director of the CISORS (Cooperative Information Systems and Organization Research and Services) Lab. He received his M.Sc. in 1981 and the PhD degrees in computer science from Northwestern University in 1985. After four years abroad, teaching and consulting in information technology and strategic planning and technology transfer, he joined the College of Business Administration at the University of Illinois at Chicago, as a professor of information systems and information economics, and was for several years the Director of the Management Information Systems PhD program and the Director and Founder of the Center for Management of Information Technology and Telecommunications in the same college. Dr. Ouksel also holds also an appointment at the Computer Science department. He holds US patents on sensor and mobile computing. He was for several years an associate editor at the Journal of Parallel and Distributed Databases (1999-2008) and the Knowledge Information Systems (2000-2005). He has been associate editor of the Journal of E-Business Research (IJEBR) (2004-2010), and the International Journal of Internet Social Networks (IJISN) (2007 -…). Aris has been the recipient of numerous grants from federal, state, and local agencies.



Title: Do you talk semantic interoperability?





 Professor Nacer Boudjlida,

University Henri   Poincare Nancy 1 France


This tutorial introduces concepts and approaches related to the integration and interoperability of enterprise systems and software. It also introduces issues related to the use of ontology for semantic interoperability. The main topics that are addressed concerns:

- The basics of interoperability
- Interoperability in a model-based view of enterprise systems
- Location and roles of semantics in the interoperability process

Short CV


Nacer Boudjlida  ( is a full professor  at University Henri   Poincare Nancy 1 (France) and he is the head of the computer science department of that university.
As a researcher, he is affiliated with the LORIA Research laboratory (Lorraine  Laboratory of Research  in Computer   Science and Applications). As a  professor, his lectures include   the various   facets  of   databases (DBMS, database design, distribution, architecture, administration and  so on).  As a  researcher, his domain  of interest includes process modelling and support,  distributed and cooperative computing, semantic-based mediated architectures.  He  authored two books on databases and numerous papers on  software systems integration and  interoperability, on software  process modelling and support, etc. He also directed many international projects.


Titre: Parlez-vous interoperabilite semantique ?


Ce tutoriel introduit des concepts et des approches pour l'integration et l'interoperabilite de systemes et applications d'entreprises. Ilintroduit egalement des aspects lies a l'utilisation d'ontologies pour l'interoperabilite semantique. Les points essentiels abordes sont:

-Les bases de l'interoperabilite,

-L'interoperabilite dans une vision base modeles d'entreprises,-

La place et le role de la semantique dans le processus d'interoperabilite