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Topics of interests include but not limited to the following tracks

TRACK 1: Foundations and applications of Web Services
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Evolutions
  • Models, methodologies, and tools
  • Validation, Verification of Web Services
  • Service discovery and choreography
  • Model-driven reengineering of Web applications
  • Model-driven development in the Web domain
  • E-Learning and e-Teaching

TRACK 2: Databases and Information Systems
  • Source Integration 
  • Distributed and parallel Databases
  • Data Warehouses and OLAP
  • Multimedia Database Applications 
  • Web Databases 
  • Mobile Databases
  • Database Security

TRACK 3: Information System Engineering
  • System/Information Engineering Methodologies 
  • Modeling of Distributed Systems 
  • Formal Methods
  • Geographical Information Systems Component-Based Development
  • Business Processes Re-engineering
  • Security, Freedom and Privacy

TRACK 4: Ontology Engineering and Applications
  • Networked and modular ontologies
  • Ontology-based databases
  • Ontology query languages
  • Ontology sharing and reuse
  • Ontology matching and alignment